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Oracle 11g Database Trainings

Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamentals 1 (SQL) in Oracle Database 11g: 1Z0-051

Whether you are an IT pro who wants to add Oracle DBA and SQL querying to your tool belt, a DBA in another technology who wants to dive into Oracle, or a newcomer to relational databases who yearns to learn SQL, this series will give you what you need to reach your goal.
In this course, you'll gain SQL proficiency and be able to take control of your data. Best of all, you can apply the skills you learn not only to Oracle, but to almost any RDBMS platform! Once you've finished this series, you'll be fully prepared to pass the 1Z0-051 SQL Fundamentals exam and be ready to move on to the next in line for the Oracle DBA OCA track.
If you are a newbie you can easily start by following our online tutorial by first installing Vmware then
if you have either a CentOS, Redhat OS, Fedora or Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) then you can follow our tutorial on how to install oracle 11g on your Linux platform.


Oracle Database Administration OCA

 1. Oracle database SQL Fundamentals: This course covers a variety of topics including language functionality enhancements, executing dynamic SQL, performance improvement enhancements, language usability enhancements, coding trigger enhancements, data warehousing enhancements, and SQL Developer enhancements.
2. Oracle Database Administration Workshop 1 : This course will give you a strong foundation in the basics of administering Oracle 11g including how to install and configure an Oracle database, manage users, manage storage structures, monitor performance, implement database security, and implement backup and recovery.

ORACLE DATABASE ADMINISTRATION (OCP) IZO-053 Professional Certification:

Oracle Database Administration OCP

1. Oracle Database Administration Workshop II : Oracle Database Administration II course explores database architecture and ASM, configuring for recoverability, the RMAN recovery catalog, configuring backup specifications, creating backups, user-managed recovery, recovering with RMAN, using RMAN to duplicate a database, Tablespace Point-in-Time recovery concepts, Flashback technology, diagnostics, memory management, database performance, resource management, Segment Advisor, the Scheduler, and globalization.

Resources / Training Softwares

* Your copy of UNIX OS [Linux or Solaris OS] - Operating System.
* Your copy of Oracle Database Application - Database/Application Software.
* Oracle 11g Study Guide - Sql fundamentals I, Admin I & Admin II [Examples, Exercises and Solutions]
* Operating System & Database Installation include HR, OE, PM, IX, SH Database Samples for your
Hands-On practice.

Oracle 11g - N30, 000

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