Installation of Vmware Workstation 6.5 on windows 7

Buy or download the latest free version of Vmware workstation here. then follow detailed instruction to install.

1. After Installing Vmware Workstation 6.5, reboot system then click to run Vmware program. Click on New Virtual Machine on Home tab as shown in image below.


2. Select Typical, - Click Next  Then click on browse to select the location of your linux iso image you downloaded earlier. - Click Next.

Install Vmware

3. Select Linux as Operating system then select Install Vmware Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Click next to continue.

4. Click Next, Select Name of OS. - click Next. Choose a Minimum recommended size of disk size. click here to view recommended system requirements. Installation of Linux - Click Next and finish.

Note: You can alternate your cursor between both Host (Windows OS) and Linux OS on the Vmware workstation by holding ctrl + alt gr buttons at the right side on your keyboard.