Installing Vmware Tools on OEL guest OS

Without Installing Vmware tools, our OEL OS would be a bit inconvenient to use. Installing it is recommended because it gives you awesome functionalities for example, you can copy a file from Host system into the Guest, you have better screen resolution that fits same used on your host OS and so many more.

1. To install Vmware tools, hit "right" ctrl + alt gr to navigate away from guest OS (OEL -Oracle Enterprise Linux) to the host OS(Windows 7).
Click on VM tab. select Install Vmware.Install Vmware

2. Right-click on your OEL guest OS, click open terminal. Install Vmware

Run this commands step by step to unzip Vmware Installation files as root user on the opened terminal.

          cd /media 
          ls /* Lists all folders and files on directory media */
          cd VMware\ Tools/
          cp VMwareTools-6.5.0-118166.tar.gz /tmp  /* We copy compressed file VMwaretools to /tmp directory*/
          cd /tmp   /* We navigate to the tmp folder*/
          tar zxfv VMwareTools-6.5.0-118166.tar.gz /* unzip the compressed VMware file by running the zxfv command*/
          cd vmware-tools-distrib/
          ./ /* execute to install vmware tools*/

Installing Vmwaretools

3. Hit enter on your keyboard to select default for the following:
hit enter to Click yes
hit enter again to Click yes
Hit enter
Hit enter again
Hit enter again Note: You would asked on the command prompt " Please enter a number between 1 and 19" a number would be shown after in brackets "[]" enter the number in the bracket. Install Vmwaretools

on Terminal (shell) type "init 0" without quotes to shutdown your system.  When you reboot you would definately see some modifications has been made on the guest OS i.e Oracle Enterprise Linux.