Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux on Vmware 6.5

In this tutorial we are going to look at installing Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 on a Vmware workstation, before you can go any further please make sure you have already downloaded and installed Vmware 6.5 or the latest Vmware version, to download Vmware for Windows OS click here.
Also, to learn step by step installation of Vmware 6.,click here.

1. The Vmware starts the Installation of the Linux OS, click tab then click skip. Install Vmware

2. -Click Next. -Select English as language. -Click Next. Select Yes to erase all data.

Click next to set as default.

Install Vmware

3. Select Region, am selecting my region. Africa/Lagos. Install Vmware

4. Input Password, then on next installation page select customize now Install Vmware

5. Select the following or configure according to what you need.

Gnome (gnome Desktop Environment

EditorsEngineering and Scientific

Graphical Internet


Authoring and Publishing


Games and Entertainment

FTP server

Development Tools

x Software Development

Gnome Software Development

Legacy Software Development

System tools Click on Details scroll-down to sysstat,select sysstat. Click OK. -Click Next to start Installation of different packages you selected.