Bondwebsolutions Web Design, Development and Programming.
Learn Oracle 11g Installation Install Oracle 11g on Oracle Enterprise Linux using VMware.
We Offer private trainings on UNIX,MYSQL,PHP,Oracle11g for more Info call 07062988820, 07081620483.
We DesignBanners, Flyers, Handbills, Bill board designs, Brochure, Call Cards, YearBook, Letter-head designs e.t.c.

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Welcome to BondWebSolutions

BondWebSolutions is an indigenous IT training and Web Service Company in Nigeria offering comprehensive ICT training as well as Design and Development of Websites such as Inventory Systems, Courier and Freight Serviced-Based websites such as fedex or UPS, Banking website e.t.c for both corporate and private establishments. Our training and services are designed to give you practical solutions to your real - life IT needs.

We provide high technical training from computer fundamentals to office productivity and enterprise technologies from Oracle, Sun and Microsoft.

We also offer tutorials that would be beneficial to students who are newbees in the I.C.T world in Nigeria.

Our Services

Own Your Own Website

Do you own a Business that involves transfer of goods from one location to another? Do you want to own a website that operates like UPS/Fedex courier service? Would you like to own a website for large businesses that manages the inventory,sales and purchases made from your business? Do you have a business that sells beauty products? Do you have a business that operates like a bank or you need a banking website for your business? Do you have a school and need a school management website?

Point is, we can create a website to suit your business needs at a very affordable price and the website would be very user friendly and increase customer satisfaction.

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Multimedia Design Solutions

We offer excellent design solutions

We create designs for Banners, flyers, Business cards, bill board designs commercials, brochure design, letter-head designs e.t.c

Also, tutorial for creating an image slide-show using Flash 8, click here.

For more info. call 2347062988820.

Learn Oracle 11g with a private tutor

Install Oracle 11g on Linux
This tutorial is for neebies without any knowledge about Oracle database11g, I have painstakingly taking my time to bring out detailed step-by-step installation processes of different installation stages with images for easier understanding and installation.

This website offers tutorials for Installation of Oracle 11g, Installation of Vmware 6.5, Installation of  oracle 10g on solaris and lots more...

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