Flash Tutorial.

In this tutorial we are going to be creating a disolve image slideshow using Macromedia flash 8. You don't need to know action script to create this image slideshow.
Follow this step by step tutorial to create a disolve slideshow but before we continue, download the images which we will use in this tutorial which has a width = 130 px, height = 87px. Click here to download the finished tutorial.

Download the images file which is compressed, uncompress it and save it (Note: make sure your uncompressed folder named images contains 5 image files).
Run your flash 8 application by double clicking on flash shortcut.
1. Click Flash Document under Create New (circled in image below).Image 1
2. A blank flash document is shown, now we set the size of the image to width=130px, height=87px as show in image below.click on size then input the values. also set Frame rate=30.

3. Export all images to the library by click File at top left corner of your screen,Click on import, then select import to library.Hold on ctrl key to select all, click open for images to be inserted into library.

4. Select first image i.e. silk charuse fabric, right-click and select properties, make sure "Export for ActionScript" checkbox is checked. Then give img1 as identifier name.click ok when done.

Repeat same process till the fifth image with img5 as identifier as represented in image shown below.